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Yardage: 10
Width: 19 in
Color: Ivory, Gold
Quality: Standard

Non-Woven Fair Winds & Following Seas Traveler-style Fabric Bolt Gold/Ivory 19"x10Yards

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Price: $8.32
40% Off Price: $4.99
Do you love to travel? And in your travels, do you always find amazing new friends, discover all sorts of treasures and feel totally free and happy?....If you have a resounding YES to both, then adding this traveler-style fabric bolt to your home or preferred decoration styles is definitely a way to celebrate your ‘safe journeys and good fortune’ as the name is often used in maritime talk. The beautiful lines on this fabrics represent steady seas and wind that help guide you along your journey to ever pleasant shores and capable hands. Let the Fair Winds and Following Seas fabrics represent both your traveler nature as well as the lucky person that you are.

Non-woven: fabric is simply bonded (glued or heated or stitched), the result is a lovely see thru fabric

Material: Non-woven Polyester with wind/water pattern using foil printing

Size: 19" x 10 Yards

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