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6 x Fairy Godmothers Glittered 6-star Wand - Pink

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1. 2. 3. Make a wish upon a shining star.

Theres more than one. Add some favor decorations such as ribbon rose buds and youll be sure to have sweet dreams that night.

Eventually, your fairy godmothers will come and sparkle you with their blessings. Sparkle effect will definitely be more magical with pearls and spray with colored ribbons.

-Top to Bottom: approx. 12" per stick
-6 stems in a bunch with individual glittered stars with hole in center; Individual stars are 4" long and 3" wide
-Large individual glitters of similar hue but brighter shade add shine and depth to the color

A total of 6 bunches of 6 stars taped together making althogether 36 sticks when separated

Note: item sale is limited to glitter product, other suggested decoration accessories not included. some glitter may come off upon touching, this is normal and is not a defect.