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Size Linens: 72 x 72 in
Color: Royal Blue
Theme: Lace
Material: Lace
Quality: Finest

72" x 72" The Fashionista Style Table Overlay - Royal Blue Lace Netting

Item Number:
Price: $36.65
40% Off Price: $21.99
Fashionista – a person devoted to unique or high fashion. As such, she never fails to draw a sea of attention and make awe people with her peerless use of color and styles.

The Fashionista Style Table Overlay combines your favorite color with floral embellishment and sequins atop a lovely see thru lace netting. Magazines, editors and producers will no doubt form lines to meet you and see your creation with this truly chic style that will keep heads turning your way. Not to mention, your table photo will most likely be stored in so many photo albums and possibly become a benchmark for the entire industry. is once again your pioneer to peerless style!

How to Care: Dry clean only.
Material: Lace Netting with Satin Floral Embellishments and Sequins
Approximate Measurements: 72" x 72"
Edges are Serged.

Note: 2 edges of overlay will have abundant amounts of embroidery whiles remaining 2 will have regular amount, this is a fashion pattern for you to use as you see fit