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Color: Green
Flower Type: Greenery

4 Bunches Fig Leaves - Green

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Price: $28.86
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A favorite in the east, Figs symbolize a good life and abundance. These bunches of fig leaves were crafted to stretch out and show growth in so many different promising endeavors, and of course, to stand out. Whether you use the on the ground, on a centerpiece or on ceiling arches, these bunches of fig leaves will surely add that LUSH feeling if that is what you truly desire to create. makes the jungle come in your style and imagination.

Additional Information:

-Leaves are Approx. 3" long x 3" wide
-Total length of bunch: Approx. 18"
-Total extended width of bunch: Approx. 25"
-Leaves are non-separable from stems
-One order is for 4 bushes