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Color: Black
Theme: Florals

Never-Ending Fleurs & Diamonds - 4.75" x 10yards Black

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Price: $26.65
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We know you love diamond rolls in all its styles and colors. So we wanted to to add a new dimension of beauty to your endless diamond styles by adding the 'fleurs' (French for flowers) and lace look to give your favorite diamond-inspired imagination new influences to take you to ever new heights. By intentionally making the rolls have tasteful floral holes, you can make the rolls bright colors interact with LEDs underneath or with other colored fabric/coverings underneath. Or you can use the Diamonds and Fleurs as an elegant cover on its own and its beauty and sparkle will not fail to captivate hearts and cameras alike.

Enjoy decorating with so-much diamonds thanks to alternative styles brought to you by

Material: Shiny Plastic
Dimensions: Approx. 4.75"x10 yards only
Best uses: GREAT for adorning vases and almost everything else

note: 1 order is for 1 roll only