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Yardage: 10
Width: 19 in
Color: Ivory, Silver
Theme: Florals
Quality: Standard

Non-Woven Flower Escape Fabric Bolt Silver/Ivory 19"x10Yards

Item Number:
Price: $8.32
40% Off Price: $4.99
No matter how stressful your day is…No matter how hard life is beating you up…And no matter how negative people around you are…you know how to turn everything around. How? Because you’ve found the Flower Escape and have crafted it to create a portable vacation / breather for yourself. As soon as you feel the positive energy, you begin to smile, imagine the smell of the flowers and soothing sunshine making you rejuvenated. Afterwards, your rebuilt mind, body and soul is more than ready to face what was once scary and simply win past it.

Non-woven: fabric is simply bonded (glued or heated or stitched), the result is a lovely see thru fabric

Material: Non-woven Polyester with floral design using foil printing

Size: 19" x 10 Yards

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