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Color: White
Material: Foam

36 x MY LUCKY BREAK Foam 360 Degrees Ball White 2"

Item Number:
Price: $16.65
40% Off Price: $9.99
Chance / Fate has been the story of how far you’ve come, hence you should celebrate and put up large symbols of prosperity to celebrate your happiness and attract more LUCKY BREAKS.

The 360 Degrees ball is perfect for creating kissing balls and stands for colorful feathers. The figure of a circle shows how you always like to get to know people and grow your circle. You never fail to attract curiosity and attention. Thus, you can utilize the 360 Ball to showcase your colors, style and personality so people know the lovable you. Create a thing of beauty and no doubt there will always be a long line to your doorstep!

Adorn the 360 Degrees Ball with flowers, or diamond rolls or fancy linens; whatever you like. Personalize the item yourself and present it to the recipient in all its glory and you definitely put forward your deepest sincerity and showcase your abundance of promise.

Be Proud. You’ve created yet another amazing thing with

Additional Information:
Material: Styrofoam
Dimensions: Approx. 2” wide
Quantity: One order is for 36 360 Degrees Balls