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Color: White
Material: Foam

12 x MY LUCKY BREAK Foam CONEY Summit White 8"

Item Number:
Price: $21.65
40% Off Price: $12.99
Chance / Fate has been the story of how far you’ve come, hence you should celebrate and put up large symbols of prosperity to celebrate your happiness and attract more LUCKY BREAKS.

The Summit Cones is here for you to showcase your desire to reach for the top amidst all the chaos! Good days, Bad days, it simply adds color and experience to you and is a stepping stone to reaching your peak! Attach various flowers and favors and direct the colors in a way that tells your wonderful story! Set out some candles or LEDs to create that magical effect and put on a performance like no other on your tabletops so those cameras and cellphones keep snapping pictures of your masterpiece

Additional Information:
Material: Styrofoam
Dimensions: Approx. 8” tall x 2.75" diameter bottm
Quantity: One order is for 12 This is CONEY SUMMITS