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Color: White
Material: Foam

12 x MY LUCKY BREAK Foam This is MY STAGE White 8"

material: Styrofoam
Dimensions: Approx. 8" wide disc
Quantity: One order is for 12 This is MY STAGE discs
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Price: $18.32
40% Off Price: $9.99
We give you this grand stage to showcase the splendor of your creativity and bring the colors of your true spirit out, startling the world with its exuberance and fervor. Let this Styrofoam disc be a blank canvass waiting for you to transform it into a magnificent magnum opus with your stunning creative aptitudes. Made from lightweight and porous Styrofoam, these discs are perfect and very easy to be used for multitudes of arts and crafts creations, kids craft, holiday dcor or party decoration. The solid, smooth surface can easily be painted, shaped, sculpted or cut for the desired look of elegance. Our foam discs are very durable, this attribute make them perfect for projects that involve pinning or gluing. These discs can be painted or can be decorated with lots of modelling and craft materials, like fabric, pins/pin craft, glitter, sequins, ribbon. Make 3D animations, centerpieces, cake toppers, and lots of other exciting craft decorations.

Additional information:
Dimensions:Approx. 8" wide disc
Quantity: One order is for 12 This is MY STAGE discs