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6 x MY LUCKY BREAK Foam A Star is Born - White 11

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Chance / Fate has been the story of how far youve come, hence you should celebrate and put up large symbols of prosperity to celebrate your happiness and attract more LUCKY BREAKS.

A Star is Born describes a person who is always a beacon of brilliance, talent and results. Never one to be disheartened or stay lying down, you never cease to inspire people or draw the spotlight towards you. Simply put, you make each day worth living.

Adorn the Passionate with flowers, or diamond stickers or fancy linens; whatever you like. Personalize the item yourself and present it to the recipient in all its glory and you definitely put forward your deepest sincerity and showcase your abundance of promise.

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Additional Information:
Material: Styrofoam
Dimensions: Approx. 11 wide
Quantity: One order is for 6 A Star is Born