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Theme: Rustic
Quality: Premium

Vacation-Style Garden Escapade Raffia Red/Ivory/Fushia/Lavender/Purple/Natural 54" x 4yards

Material: High-quality Raffia (soft, durable, biodegradable)
Size: 54" x 4 Yards
Item Number:
Price: $66.65
40% Off Price: $39.99
Lets revive that vacation mood and exultation with our gorgeous Vacation-Style Raffia Line. The rejoicing hues and chic styles will surely create an exotically leisure atmosphere wherever you use them. Feel the same quixotic serenity and calmness that is attributed to the tranquil country side by accentuating your ambiance and home with our special festive raffia. The sturdy jute material gives a liberty to use them with ease in the rough outdoor events, hillside picnics and an afternoon by the lake-side. Take refuge from those stressful daily hours somewhere outside on the soft green grass, with blue sky above and tall trees around. Feel the magic of a lush green orchard soothing and calming all your worries and tensions out, drifting you to a perfectly quixotic recreational garden. This magnificent raffia fuses the most pleasing colors together to give you an eye-catching and mind-blowing piece of art. Six most enchanting hues, unified in one gorgeous masterpiece! Gaze at those stars, figure out the constellations, or see the clouds taking lovely shapes while reclining calmly on out Garden Escapade Raffia.

Additional Information:
Material: High-quality Raffia (soft, durable, biodegradable)
Size: 54" x 4 Yards