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Yardage: 10
Width: 12 in
Color: Orange
Style: Glitter
Material: Organza
Quality: Standard

Glittering Organza Fabric Bolt - Orange-12"x10 YARDS

Yardage: 10
Width: 12inches
Style: Glitter
Material: Organza
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Price: $16.65
40% Off Price: $9.99
This enchanting fairy dust organza looks simply dazzling and magical. You will actually feel the fairy dust been sprinkled extravagantly by ethereal fairies all over the fabric to bring out its impeccable sheen and luster. The visual appeal and captivating charisma of this mesmeric sparkly material will have an enticing impact on whatever this wonderland fabric embraces. This sheer, light weight and versatile fabric can be used to elicit shimmer and glam to any garment, favor, decoration, or any other craft project. Glam up dull table toppers, pew swags, window scarves, centerpieces, gift wrapping, wedding favors, bridal veils, drapery, or any other creative thing that calls for extra shine and shimmer. Create stylish scarves, bridal apparels, over skirts, evening wear, or girls dresses and cast a magic on your spectators and invitees with the seamless gleam oozed by this glistening glitter organza fabric.
Additional information:
Dimensions: Approx. 12" x 10 yards
Material: Shimmering Organza Fabric with glitters