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Yardage: 10
Width: 12 in
Color: Silver
Style: Glitter
Material: Organza
Quality: Standard

GLISTENING Glitter Organza 12"x10yards Silver

Item Number:
Price: $16.65
40% Off Price: $9.99
We like to call them ‘Fairy Dust Organza’ simply because it seems like fairies fly all around this fabric and constantly sprinkle their sparkling dust to add a glistening layer of beauty to whatever this wonder fabric embraces. The light weight of this fabric allows for a variety of uses, from clothing to small gift wrapping to bridal veils and even for event decorations such as chair sashes and table drapery.

If you are fond of using rays of sunlight or spotlights at events then these fabrics are perfect for creating multiple small dancing sparkles that make tender moments truly magical. Remember, we’ve made this fabric glisten, now it’s time for you to make your grand vision truly shine far and wide.

Additional Information:
Dimensions: Approx. 12” x 10 yards
Material: Shimmering Organza Fabric with glitters

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Glitter! Beware!
Anonymous Costume Workshop Manager (PA) 4/27/2015 11:46 AM
Bought 20 bolts of this to make ruffles for dance costumes at work. The title said glistening not glitter so I thought everything would be ok. I was wrong, so very wrong. The costumes look pretty but "seems like fairies fly all around" actually translates glitter falls off every where. There is glitter on me, in my car, on my dog, in my coffee, and my mechanic boyfriend went to work today covered in a "glistening layer of beauty." While the glitter is not particularly well attached to the fabric once it is off it adheres to every other surface with ease, I am typing this review from a "truly magical" glitter covered key board. You can clean it up, but like a cold sore virus it is never truly gone. Everything at here at the arts center is "shining far and wide.'