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5 Glitter Frenzy Bush Turquoise
5 Glitter Frenzy Bush Turquoise
Color: Turquoise
Material: Plastic

TURQUOISE Glitter Frenzy Bushes For Vase Flower Christmas Tree Decoration - 4 PCS

Total Height of Bunch: Approx. 17 in tall
Total Width of Bunch (when bunched together): Approx. 5 in wide
Item Number:
Price: $33.32
40% Off Price: $19.99
Bedazzle your guests by creating a Glitter Frenzy with this heavy dose of sparkling shimmer and glimmer. Illuminate the entire ambiance with this radiant piece that oozes oodles of impeccable sheen to the entire surroundings. With the remarkable combination of glittered twirls, drops, sprays, leaves, beads, and stalks in one magnificent bunch, your guests will be wonder-struck to behold such an extravagant spectacle. Pair this presorted variety of glitter decoration with our other products from the shimmer range. Made from premium quality aluminum and covered in glitters, these accessories can easily be bended to attain the desired look of elegance. Make attractive centerpieces, corsages, flower arrangements, bouquets, table decorations, backdrop decorations and any other brilliant idea that crosses your mind to leave your guests in the utter frenzy of an ethereal sheen.

Additional Information:
Total Height of Bunch: Approx. 17 in tall
Total Width of Bunch (when bunched together): Approx. 5 in wide
Types of Individual Glitters in the bunch:
Round Drops/Orbs: Stalk measures Approx. 4-9 in with Drop-size at Approx: 1-1.25 in diameter (5 Drops per bunch; 1 stalk has 1 drop; stalks holding up drops are not glittered)
Leaf/Fern: Approx. 7in long x 3in wide (bottom of leafs are not glittered)
Beads: Stalk measures Approx. 14.5 in long with Bead-size Approx. 0.25 in diameter (6 stalks with beads per bunch; 6 beads per stalk; beads are 2 in apart from each other)
Twirls: Twirl Stem 4-9 in long; Approx. 2.5 in diameter each twirl(3 twirls per bunch)
Stalks/Stems: Approx. 14in long (12-16 stalks per bunch)