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Color: Red
Flower Type: Freesia

4 Heavenly Mount Olympus Freesia Bushes - Red

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Price: $36.95
40% Off Price: $22.17
We call them ‘from Mount Olympus’ simply because they are not a normally sight and must have been planted by the goddesses of Olympus due to their unrivaled beauty and mannerism. And you know feisty Greek gods, they want excitement, beauty, and most importantly, heavenly. Therefore, this is without a doubt the sort of flower bush you would use for inspiration, photo moments and important engagements. Why? Because you reserve only the best and rarest for moments where perfection is a must!

Rare beauties is not hard to come across when you check us out here at

Additional Information:
Bushes per order: 4
Flower Stems per bush: 9
Open Flowers per Stem: 6 (For a total of 54 flowers in entire package)
Flower size: Large flowers Approx 3" and small flowers Approx. 1"
Top-Bottom of Each Bush: Approx. 23”