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Color: White
Flower Type: Lily, Tulips

Hand-crafted Je t'aime Lily Bouquet - White

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Price: $36.74
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Je t'aime or ‘I love you’ in French is actually a shortened version of this bouquet’s true name…

Je t'aimerai toujours…’I love you forever’ (in French).

When you first set sights on these wonderfully crafted lily flowers, they appear to be throwing you an infinite number of hugs and kisses. Such is the strong power of being in-love! And when you hold these bouquets in hand, they will definitely accent your own splendor and simply make you more beautiful than life. SNAP! …Now, you have the photo that will always make you smile and make him always long for you.

SNAP! Once again, you got it from

Additional Information:
Material for flowers: Styrofoam
Flower size: Each lily flower is Approx. 2" wide x 3.5" long Count: 26 Lilies per bouquet
Accessories included: Tulle wrap, bead spray and acrylic diamonds
Number of bouquets per order: 1
Top to bottom height: Approx. 12” Tall
Left to right width: Approx. 10.5" Wide