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Chambury Casa Fine Rustic Burlap Ribbon - 7/8" x 10yards Ivory

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When you have roots or relatives who have a farm or live by the country, it's always a pleasure take a trip out and pay them a visit. Aside from the great company, a little fresh air and unplugging is always great. And if it's going to be a family reunion, then all the more better. You can take a trip down memory lane with fishing, biking, hiking...all those things at are simply nature-based.

Course, for such intimate bonding moments, you can bring some souvenirs / gifts wrapped with our specialty burlap ribbons. Surely, your recipient will appreciate the hommey-ness of the ribbon and remind them of the good times you've just had, and those of the past and future. This is why burlap is so meaningful, it's a reminder of roots, nature, family and bonding. Keep the tradition going!

*This High-Quality ribbon has been studied and refined after the rare Chambury House linen masterpieces because when everything just has to be perfect, then perfection begins with Chambury Casa Fabrics!

Material: High-quality Wired Jute / Burlap Ribbon ; 100% Polyester

Size: Approx. 7/8" x 10 Yards