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Color: Violet
Flower Type: Hydrangea

4 x ALWAYS SUNNY Hydrangea Kissing Balls - Violet

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Price: $38.65
40% Off Price: $23.19
What we truly love about hydrangea flowers is how they seem to be beaming a thousand sunshine smiles at you. And then we thought, wouldn’t be the most perfect thing for a married couple to celebrate their union since despite all the trials, rain days, dark days and sick days, YOU CAN choose to be ALWAYS SUNNY inside and keep smiling because you have each other. And with such a tight bond, just like these hydrangeas, you can always have a thousand smiles, stay colorful all the time and be meant to be on-top of things.

Additional Information:
Ball Diameter - Approx. 7"
Hanging Ribbon - Yes. Organza

Note: One order is for 4 kissing balls, other accessories not included