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2in1 Boxwood Kissing Ball Green 4/pk
2in1 Boxwood Kissing Ball Green 4/pk
Color: Green
Flower Type: Greenery

2-in-1 Boxwood Kissing Ball Green 4/pk

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Price: $34.64
40% Off Price: $20.78
Boxwood shrubs are used for cultivating the gardens of the wealthy worldwide and use to create garden sculptures. So we thought why not make an artificial version of this pleasing greenery and turn it into a beloved kissing ball with the ability to be a favor holder at the same time. That way they can be used on the side, on the table or hung from the ceiling as centerpieces or decorations. And then, afterward, BIG SURPRISE, they open up to reveal a gift. Isn’t that remarkable?

Decorating becomes more fun when you have a surprise in mind, and we’re making that possible here at

Additional Information:
Quantity: One order is for 4 kissing Balls
2-in-1 Feature: (1) Each ball is a kissing ball, (2) Each Ball can be opened into a favor holder
Size of Ball: Approx. 7” When closed
Container size: Approx. 4” hollow area inside for placing content