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Color: Green
Flower Type: Greenery

4 LARGE Boston Fern Bushes - Green

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Price: $34.64
40% Off Price: $20.78
Size matters. If you’re the type of designer that likes to craft grand centerpieces or floor decorating design then these fern will make a wonderful addition to your outstanding showcase. Indoors or outdoors, a nice large touch of green and movement from these Boston Fern bushes will definitely add more life, energy, and of course, appeal to a masterpiece or a set design. Whether you want a nature-look or a majestic-look, your grand vision is one-step closer with this new creative tool in your hand.

Set yourself up for GRAND-designs with

Additional Information
Quantity: 4 Bush Per Order
Stem Count: Each bush has 24 Leaf Stems
Leaf length: Longest fen is Approx. 22”, Shortest fern Approx 12”
Leaf width: Larger ferns are 3” wide, Shorter ferns are Approx. 2” wide