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New to our family of products is our beautiful LED lights.  They are simply perfect for decoration use for any & all occasions, especially during the holiday season.


  Our Brilliant Submersible Vase Lights LED comes ready to bring some bling to your event.  With battery included (which are replaceable once they run out of juice), they are ready to use immediately upon receiving.  Because they are LED lighting, they give off quite a bit of light for such a small bulb, very bright.  They can be used for general color decorations, or to give it that extra bling.  Not only do they look awesome, they can be used in endless ways. Some common uses are: Color for centerpieces, used in combination with our acrylic ice for décor, or they can even be used under water!   



  Our Fairy lights are another exciting product we now offer.  This style offers a beautiful string of led lights in 10 yard size and uses AC power, so you never have to worry about battery issues. Perfectly fitting for decorations, they look great when used with our backdrops, with centerpieces, manzanita trees (or even as xmas lights on xmas trees for the holiday season!), or just general decorations.  It gives the illusion of bright little fairies surrounding your setup.  Bringing along with it joy and extra bling!  Because they are actual LED bulbs, they not only shine very bright, but the LED bulbs themselves last very long.  Economic and beautiful, they will be a delight, however you choose to use them.






  Our newest member of our LED family is our Fairy Nest LED light sets that comes in 4’s.  They come in bright white and changeable colors, either will be perfect for any event theme you are planning.  They not only come with battery, but with a remote control as well.  You can control each set, as well as multiple identical sets with just 1 remote.  Example if you order 4 sets of White LED Fairy Nest lights, you can control all 16 total lights with just one remote control! If you think our white LED’s look cool, just check out our colored ones.  With the unique remote, you can choose the color to display on the LED lights.  If you are unsure what color you want, you can make them alternate as well!  Perfect for setting romantic atmosphere, for mood lighting, parties, the list goes on!


  New products are coming in weekly, be sure to check back at to be updated on our newest and coolest products!