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Material: Metal

Make Room for Love Pizza Cutter in Cute Favor Box

Item Number:
Price: $2.32
40% Off Price: $1.39
Who doesn’t love a nice warm oozing pizza? It’s delicious and great to enjoy with friends, relatives, significant others or even alone. And of course, not all pizzas are made equal. So for those occasions you homemade one or really went out of the way to get a specialty pizza or are just craving an intimate pizza, then it’s best to personally slice it up with a pizza cutter that reflects your inner happiness (and ~love). Share the love by giving these cute favors away to people whom you know appreciates Great Pizza and Love like you do. wants to be around when you break out the pizza, the sweets, the beer/champagne and all those triumphant worthwhile moments in your life.

Additional Information:
Favor box dimension: Approx. 4.75"
Pizz cutter blade: Approx. 3" diameter
Plastic holder cover: Approx. 4" width
Disclaimer: THIS IS a real STAINLESS STEEL blade that is on the product and is sharp, please handle responsibly and with caution

Note: Sale is for pizza cutter and it's giveaway-easy favor box, other decorative accessories not included.