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Color: Cream
Flower Type: Roses

240 Mini Tiger Lily - Cream

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Price: $26.55
40% Off Price: $15.93
Mini Tiger Lily Bushes - 240+ flowers

Need something to spice up your wedding decorations? Give our mini tiger lily silk flowers a try. These beautifully vibrant, spicier version of our tiger lilies give your wedding a wild look. These bushels of tiger lilies go great in a set of wedding flowers or alone as a beautiful floral piece. Our huge selection of vibrant colors make all of your decorating tasks simple.

Additional Information:
- 5-7 flowers/stem,  12 stems per bush.  approx 60+ flowers on each bush ( photos shows 1 bush)
- Each order contains 4 bushes. 
- Flower: 2.5" wide x 1" tall
- Bush: 23" tall  - each stem is 12-14" tall. 
- The bush can be cut into individual stems and use individually.