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Yardage: 10
Width: 19 in
Color: Ivory, Silver
Quality: Standard

Non-Woven MODERN ART Grass-Design Fabric Bolt Silver/Ivory 19"x10Yards

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Price: $8.32
40% Off Price: $4.99
To a passerby it looks like grass out of control. But to the master’s eye, it is simply a way to let the mind wander and put lines and pictures together. Can you see a word? Can you see a face? Can you see a story? Can you see endless flocks of birds? Can you see…

...well, overall it depends on your mood what you see. And what matters is that it’s both soothing lovely. And you can even flip the fabric around and it works just as well!

Non-woven: fabric is simply bonded (glued or heated or stitched), the result is a lovely see thru fabric

Material: Non-woven Polyester with grass design using foil printing

Size: 19" x 10 Yards

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