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Yardage: 10
Width: 12 in
Color: Blue
Theme: Florals
Material: Organza, Velvet
Quality: Premium

Muchos Besos Embroider 12" x 10 yards - Light Blue

Width:12 in
Style:Velvet Embellished organza
Item Number:
Price: $16.65
40% Off Price: $9.99
Muchos Besos or Many Kisses in Spanish is simply how we describe this endearing combination of lovely organza that is accented with various embroidered interconnected velvet flower outlines. We thought of how some celebrations would be much more intimate and symbolic by adding roses to a favorite fabric while the design itself looks like intimate kisses being given off which is the same for any important gatherings. So let the moment be more close, warm and positive by using the Muchos Besos Embroider.

USE: Sashes, Runners, Drappery, Crafts, Gift-making, Veils

Additional Information:
Material: Stiff Organza with velvet embroidery
Size: Each bolt is Approx. 12" wide by 10 Yards long