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WHATS MY NAME? Letter "O" Clear Letter Rhinestones - 12/pk

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Beautiful names are a blessing. Be proud of your name, yourself and what you represent. And whether you like to spell your whole name or just your 1st initial or more, theres no more eye-catching way than to do it with Diamonds / Rhinestones! Not to mention, you get to even have it sparkle in the color you most love.

Dont forget, you can share this great find by making favors, gifts and memorabilia for the people you treasure the most. After all, nothing is more touching than giving someone an item they tells them You are just as valuable, if not more, than the most precious diamonds. Share the love, always ;)

Additional Information:
count: 12 diamond letters of the same alphabet letter per pack.
material: plastic
size: approx. 1.5" tall

note: 1 order is for letter rhinestone stickers only. other decorative accessories not included.