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Color: Black

WHATS MY NAME? Endless Diamonds -240pcs Black Letter Rhinestones

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Price: $12.69
40% Off Price: $7.61
A beautiful name is always a pleasure to spell out. If that name is yours, your soul mate or your lovely child, then spelling things in diamonds will surely put a smile on the recipient’s face good up to the whole week. And why stop there? Use it for you friends’, family, pet’s initials to truly show that they are that special and mean ‘Diamonds’ to you.

Priceless people need to be remembered in a truly symbolic way like with endless diamond letters.

At, we always try to go after that smile that lasts a lifetime!

Additional Information:
count: 4 sheets per pack; 1 sheet has 60 diamonds letters for a total of 240 diamond letter stickers in all.
material: plastic
size: approx. 0.5" tall

note: 1 order is for endless diamond stick-on letter rhinestones only. other decorative accessories not included.