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Color: White
Flower Type: Lily

150 Oriental Lily - White

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Price: $40.41
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In the past, people have been limited to using beautiful oriental lilies to only when it's in season during summer. With efavormart's silk oriental lilies collection, you can utilize these desirable colorful bloomers all year round. What would otherwise have been a fragile, season-dependent and unreasonable cost expense when bought fresh is now economical and easy to maintain in its realistic silk form; most of all, its showy blooms will glow on forever.

Occasionally, lilies are used to symbolize purity, virtue and hope. Use these oriental lilies for all your decorating purposes – weddings, parties, and at home. This is definitely the flower for all your right reasons.

Additional Information:

- 1 bunch has 30 lillies on branches (plastic branches are non-separable); leaves alongside flowers are approx. 3”long x 2” wide and are movable up and down the branches
- 5 bunches total x 30 lilies = 150 lilies - Approx. 7" tall stem (including flower)
- Approx. 2" tall flower x 2” flower width x 2" diameter at the flower opening