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Peach Polyester Fabric Bolt 54" x 10Yards

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When you love creating events, often times you want to use ideas done in the past and take them to the next level. Unfortunately, you cant just keep buying and buying the same thing each time.

Good news! Now, you can reuse your fabric bolts for draping tables, ceilings and walls many times over since were bringing you polyester fabric bolts. Built for heavy duty events and for extended reuse. Youll find yourself not just saving money, but youll also be more than inspired to keep enhancing your decorating skills since you dont have to worry about the limited product lifetime. As an event planner, this is a must for you!

eFavorMart.com improves the lives of Event Planners!

Material: polyester

Each order is for 1 roll. 54" wide x 10 yards in length.