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YOUR HIGHNESS Pearl Buckle for Chair Sash Ivory Circle

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Price: $4.32
40% Off Price: $2.59
Yet another way to complete that Sea of PEARLs look you’ve always wanted. We call them Your Highness because the Upper Class simply demand that everything must exude sophistication and wealth. And true enough, this pearl covered Buckle / Brooch will add EVEN MORE novelty to your ceremony chairs or banquet chairs setup. And with each extra love you add to your event, like using these buckles, everything will do doubt pay off in beauty, smiles, photos and immortal memories.

Some events occur rarely and need to be celebrated in with the minutest attention to beauty, so don’t miss out in adding the Your Highness Pearl Buckles to set the High Class tone!

Additional Information:
Use: Simply open the back safety pin to use with spandex sash for bow-look effect or use as desired with regular sash ties
Dimensions: Approx. 2” Diameter
Material: imitation pearls encrusted on stainless steel frame

Note: Sale is for pearl buckle only, sashes and chaircovers and other decorative accessories not included.