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Personalized Satin 3x4 Bags
Personalized Satin 3x4 Bags
Material: Satin

Personalized Satin 3x4 Bags- 100 Count

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Price: $31.17
40% Off Price: $18.70
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Custom printed 3" x 4" Satin favor bags. Filliable size is 3" x 3". The printing on the bags are done with 14pt letter size. Note: Caps takes up 1.5 character spaces.
The satin bag gives a larger color selection than the velvet and more colors are printable on the satin bags.

Maximum character limits does include spaces, please do not go over the maximum character limits. If it will require revisions, it will delay production of your order. Please count the number of characters yourself to avoid delays. Hot foil printing, not laser/machine engraved.

Please click on "VIEW MORE IMAGES" below the picture to see emblem designs. Characters = letters, symbols, spaces.

To view bag colors, please click here.

Text Imprint Guideline.
    * We will print EXACTLY as you enter.
    * Exception: if all CAPS due to CAPS taking 1.5 spacing, if and only if we cannot fit the entire line in CAPS,
       we will change to lower case letters.
    * We will NOT check for spelling errors, mistypes, or print color combinations.
    * Please make sure to review the order carefully prior to order confirmation.


Can only print regular english alphabet, numbers, and the following symbols,  ( ) ? ! : $ " , @ / - &

If it's not listed here, then unfortunately, we are unable to print it. Not able to do foreign characters, symbols, accents. Sorry, not able to do custom logos.


This is the time required for production of your personalized item BEFORE shipping, and does not include actual transit time. Please allow yourself enough time for the additional production time you've chosen.

Product Reviews

(14 Ratings, 6 Reviews) Average Rating:
pleasant shopping experience
Anastasia (texas) 11/7/2015 6:11 AM
Great price, color and quality. I ordered other items as well, so had Free shipping. What a pleasant shopping experience
BAMBI (UT) 11/3/2015 1:38 PM
My wedding favors were personalized with my name and my grooms name with our wedding date. I loved the favors, my only thing was the personalization came out smaller than I had expected on my favor. However, I was pleased with their service and the price was very reasonable.
Great Printing
Roger (USA) 11/6/2014 7:05 AM
Great products! It was just like we ordered!
make bags yourself?
Becky (Massachusetts) 8/6/2014 10:15 PM
We needed 85 bags for a function, so we figured the 100 count was good. Only about 78 of the bags were okay, and we had to make do with others. Some problems encountered were: so many creases in the fabric, the bags did not look good even when ironed (google ironing satin), frayed drawstrings, uneven/poor stitching with the drawstring coming out of its track, and uncentered lettering. We saw another place to order these bags with the design we wanted, but are glad we did not order from there because they were 3-4 times more expensive and we may have had the same problems. We would suggest ordering twice what you need to make sure you have usable bags, or make them yourself if you have the time.
I would not recommend this product , because you dont know if you are going t
Jessica (Pennsylvania) 10/22/2012 6:12 PM
I bought 2 sets of these satin bags for wedding favors. the first 200 (100 in chocolate & 100 in gold)i bought were very nice for the price!the satin was very nice & the personalization was very nice as well. Well, I needed a few extra & since you had to buy in packs of 100 i bought another 100 of the chocolate. This batch was very unacceptable!!! The ribbon was frayed, the satin was rough & see through, the personalized was not centered bc the bags werent folded were the crease should be, & the stitching on the top was so uneven. 2 out of the 100 looked like the first batch I received, the other 98 were very cheaply made. I was very disappointed in the quality of the product! I contacted the company to express my dissatisfaction and HA! what a joke!!! They certainly do not stand by there products. I was told that the personalized items are not returnable but they would give me a 20% off coupon to buy anything else I needed....that was a joke considering I got a better deal from the get go (i had a 20% off coupon and free shipping on my order) Finally after many emails back & forth, I was told that I could "just cut the frayed ends" & that if I would send pictures to prove that the product was faulty they would see what they could do... well, it was getting to be the week before the wedding and that is the last thing I wanted to stress over so I decided to just let the $20-25 I spent on them be a lesson learned. I would not recommend this product only because you dont know if you are going to get a good batch or a faulty batch!!!