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Color: Red
Material: Mylar

12 x Delightful Foil Pom Poms Red

Item Number:
Price: $37.32
40% Off Price: $22.39
The cheerleader in your house would surely love this. Or, do you have a cute photo in mind to do with family and friends? And maybe hang these around the house, living room, office or somewhere noticeable to remind you to keep on going. Whatever idea you have in mind G-O F-O-R I-T!!!

Vibrant and colorful and definitely pom poms are an icon wherever you go. Always find you ways to be delighted. is always there to give you ROAR when you need one!

Additional Information:
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: Approx. 14.5” per pom pom
Count: One order is for 12 pom poms or 6 pairs