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Color: Red
Flower Type: Roses

72 Primrose Flowers - Red

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Price: $41.57
40% Off Price: $24.94

Known to symbolize the “I Can’t Live Without You”-type of passionate love, the primrose is a most beloved flower that is hard to come by since they are difficult to nurture and maintain. Now, with our silk flower variety, you can have Primroses for your events and not have to worry about the temperature, watering and amount you can get which tends to be a hassle when dealing with these costly flowers. Since Primroses also symbolizes youth, use our Primroses that never die or grow old to match your youthful flair. And of course, we offer them at bargain prices.

Take into mind, not only do these Primrose Bushes look realistic and lovely, they are also perfect to use for ground covers, bouquet fillers, centerpieces, inside a pot/vase or as decorative ornaments for your venue. These showy flowers definitely won’t let you down as they don’t wilt nor do they need caring; they just need proper arrangement to bring out their wonderful color and radiance.

Additional Information:

-18 Primrose flowers per bush; Each branch shares 2 primrose flowers; Each order is for 4 bushes and 72 flowers
-Each flower petals measure Approx. 2 ½”; Each flower has a plastic stamen that measures 1 ½” and topped with fake pollens
-Flower diameter is Approx. 4 ½ in; Flower height Approx. 2 ½”
-bush comes with silk green leaves of Approx. 3-4” long and 1 ½“–2 ½“
-Total length of entire bush Approx. 21” and 7” wide (when bunched together)
-Flowers and leaves can be detached and re-attached to branches