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Yardage: 10
Width: 54 in
Color: White, Silver
Style: Glitter
Theme: Polka Dots
Material: Organza
Quality: Premium

Princess Glitter Dots 54"x10Yards Silver Dots on White Organza

Item Number:
Price: $49.98
40% Off Price: $29.99
Are you forever and ever inspired when you see glitters? Does it lift your mood and make you want to dance or to sing? Definitely, these glitters come in truly dashing dots form the make them all the more fun since it showcases your love for putting on a dashing look!

Take the plunge and cover what you love with Princess Glitter Dots! People will no doubt see you a mile away. And looks even better on a sunny day when you let the sun pass through the fabric. So, go and knock em dead! styles always makes it easier in making you the center of attention!

Additional Information:
Material: Organza Fabric topped with glitter dots
Size: Approx. 54" x 10yards
Dot size: Varies from 1cm to 1” dots

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