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New Page 2 February is customer appreciation month here at!

We at simply love, love, love our customers! What better time to show our customers some appreciation than February, the month of Vday?!   For orders placed between February 1, 2013 - February 28, 2013, if you reach the following order value in a single order excluding shipping & sales tax, you will be eligible for a bonus gift code for store credit to be used on your next order! 

Order value USD (excluding shipping & CA sales tax): Receive a gift code to use on your next order worth USD:
$250.00 $5.00
$500.00 $12.00
$750.00 $20.00
$1,000.00 $28.00
$1,500.00 $45.00
$2,000.00 $65.00
$2,500.00 $85.00
$5,000.00 $180.00
$7,500.00 $280.00
$10,000.00 $400.00

* Qualifying order value includes deduction of any bulk qty discounts, sale discounts, or codes available at the time order placed.  Example below, i.e. Merchandise subtotal $261.22 - 20% storewide sale (when available) $52.24  = $208.98 Order value will be used for qualification, not $261.22.

* Shipping costs & CA sales tax (Only applies to our California customers) does
NOT add to the order value total for qualification.
You can review your order/total during checkout before confirming your order.
* Bonus gift codes are in addition to any bulk quantity discounts or storewide sales!  This means any existing discount/sales will apply and you will still get the bonus gift code as long as the order value qualifies!   
* Qualifying order value must be from one single order, can not add up totals from separate orders to meet the required order value.
* All orders, order values, and gift codes are quoted in USD.
* Each qualifying order can only be claimed once.
* Gift codes have a expiration date of 1 year from the day it was issued.
* Gift codes can only be used in a new order, can not be applied to any orders already placed. 
* Applies to orders placed between February 1, 2013 - February 28, 2013 only.
* If order used to obtain the gift code is cancelled or sent back for refund, the gift code will be voided.  If returning for refund and the gift code has already been used on a new order, the gift code value will be deducted from amount to be refunded.
* reserves the right to change or cancel this program at any time, without notice. 


Once you've placed your order, fill out the following web form below and submit the entry!  You'll hear back from us within 1-2 business days verifying the information submitted and the gift code will be sent to the email address you provided.  Yup, it's just that easy!


* denotes required field

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