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60x126" Satin Tablecloths

Table your budget worries! offers cheap tablecloths for weddings, anniversaries and other celebratory occasions. Your party, your day? Our rectangle birthday tablecloths will ensure everything is decorated in your favorite color as well. Want only the best rectangle tablecloths? Our satin tablecloths are folded and hemmed along every edge for that perfect presentation thats sure to impress guests! Thats why so many wedding planners, banquet hall suppliers and reception managers have chosen our rectangle birthday tablecloths for their events.

Color, style, and shine - these 60 x 126 birthday tablecloths will provide the luxurious look that every birthday or party deserves. After dry cleaning, these satin tablecloths are also reusable for numerous other uses, whether additional parties, decorations, or even reselling. Shop eFavormart for cheap tablecloths for weddings, parties and other events, including square, round and rectangle tablecloths. Our event decorations selection has it all - such as centerpieces, chair covers, and ribbon at only the best prices!

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