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Shiny Blossoms with Small Beads

If you need a unique way to work a special color into centerpieces and decor for an event, then youll love the glitter stems available for sale at There are many wonderful colors, and the bright shiny quality of the glitter stems makes them perfect for touching on a color theme at any special event. Youll find many types of glitter decorations for creating your own centerpieces or for enhancing centerpieces you already have.

Our bead and feather glitter decorations are perfect for working into floral arrangements. You can select a neutral flower color and insert our glitzy stems to bring extra glam to banquet tables at a company event. You can work with gender related colors to create glitter centerpieces for a baby shower. You can work with school colors to enhance the decor at a graduation celebration. Glitter centerpieces are wonderful for holiday parties or New Years Eve celebrations. Stems with a glittery construction are even great for enhancing gift baskets or for creating alternative bows to accent birthday or Christmas presents.

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