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13 Showcase Glitter Stems Purple
13 Showcase Glitter Stems Purple
Color: Purple
Material: Plastic

12 Showcase Glitter Stems - Purple

Item Number:
Price: $37.32
40% Off Price: $22.39

Not everyone or everything can be in the limelight. These showcase glitter stem are meant to act as the limelight and surround an important person or arrangement. In large numbers, these stems can be lined-up to highlight your celebration space from the rest. On a lightly windy outdoor night, small glitters came off to create a ‘flying fairy dust’ effect that you only see on TV and storybooks like Peter Pan.

Additional Information:

3in of the stem meant for holding and are not glittered while rest of product is glittered
Each stem stands at Approx. 18in tall
Stem spreads into 5 branches of varying lengths, Approx. 4 in -9 in long
Each leaf on branch is Approx 2 in long x ¼ in wide (small branches have 9 leaves, while longer branches have up to 21 leaves)

Each order is for 12 Stems