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Color: Orange
Flower Type: Orchid

48 Dancing Orchid - Orange

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Silk Dancing Orchid Bouquets is always being the head of the market of wedding & party supplies and decorations. We are proud of serving our customers with low price and high quality for years. We are pleased to announce our new arrivals. Dont miss out!

Tired of roses? Try some special, wild, and exotic!

The delicate, exotic and graceful orchid represents love, luxury, beauty, refinement and strength. It is also a Chinese symbol for many children. As one species of the orchid family, the dancing orchid is lively, dynamic, exotic, and charming, like a beautiful dancing girl.

A bouquet of dancing orchids is a perfect choice for home decoration, weddings, ceremonies, or as a gift for beautiful ladies.


Bush: 22" height
Flower: 6" length of a bunch
Leaf: 9" length
Stem: approximately 13" length
Quantity: 12 stems of flowers per bouquet.  over 5 flowers per stem.
4 bouquets per order, photos shows 1 bouquet.

Lots of small flowers in vibrant color along with long green leaves.