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Color: Clear

64" x 34" Solar-Powered Fairy Light Garden Staffs LED 4/pk - White

Item Number:
Price: $118.31
40% Off Price: $70.99
Think about it. No steep electricity bills to worry about during your regular night time events or presentations. You can pretty much use thing as much as you want provided that you let it charge in sunlight the morning before your night time event.

If you have the perfect garden with flowers, landscaping, pools and walls filled with greenery then this is a must-have when you are having guests over in the afternoon or even. Once the sun goes out, these lights automatically switch on and make your outdoors shine, shine and shine some more. They say that nature looks better when you highlight key aspects and these garden fairy lights will do just that and add the magical fairies effect without needing power plugs or AA battery packs. Easy-to-use and sturdy, perfect for the outdoors.

Additional Information:
LED Staffs Count: 4 Staffs per order held together by Approx. 64" power chord (staff max distance from each other is Approx. 16")
LED: Each staff has 7 LEDs each for a total of 28 LEDs in entire order
Staff Height: Each staff is Approx. 34" tall
Solar Charging Box size: Approx. 3"x3"
Additional feature: button on solar box to enable flashing
Directions: Solar Box stores energy from sunshine during the day and then auto switches on at night

Note: Sale is for LED Garden Staffs only. Other decorative accessories not included.