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Yardage: 10
Width: 19 in
Color: Burgundy
Style: Glitter
Material: Tulle
Quality: Standard

EXQUISITE Stardusted Waffle Tulle Bolt 19" x 10yards - Wine

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Price: $13.32
40% Off Price: $7.99
If you’re looking to attract attention, the Net Tulle with Stardust will do the trick. Crafted to not only have bright colors but the glitter effect will no doubt add the sparkle to make you stand out of the crowd. Not to mention with a most charming net fashion that will not leave your audience disappointed.

Feel free to use as a decorative craft supply or create something for your wardrobe or make it part of your home as a part of your furniture. What matters is that you will have something Truly Exquisite!

Additional Information:
Material: Polyester Tulle in Stardusted Waffle Tulle style
Dimensions: Approx. 19” x 10 yards