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Color: Clear

4 x YOU'RE AT THE RIGHT PLACE Shooting Stars LED Tree White

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Price: $49.98
40% Off Price: $29.99
It's the Right Place...And the Right go on...Make Your Big Wish!

The Shooting Star LED Tree is meant to celebrate the truly defining moments in life. A big accomplishment definitely merits A big celebration filled with bright lights and shooting stars. Place one of these beloved centerpieces per guest table and dim the lights and ask your guests to make a Big Wish. After all, making a wish and going out and doing it is what made you the big success you are today. Course, you always need some magic along the way. So share some excitement, share some magic and share your great imagination with your guests. Choose the the You're at The Right Place Shooting Star LED Tree/centerpiece to mark this moment!

Additional Information:

Trees: 4 LED trees per Order
Branch Quantity: Each tree has 12 branches with about 4 LED each
LED Quantity: a total of 48 LED shooting stars per tree
Top-Bottom Height: Approx. 24”
Left-Right Width: Approx. 12-14”
Battery: Each bush comes with a battery pack that require 3AA Batteries (not included); Approx. 12-16 Hours duration when lighted.