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Color: Orange
Flower Type: Roses

72 x SPECIAL EDITION Tres Beau Silk Roses - Orange

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Price: $31.17
40% Off Price: $18.70
Named ‘Tres Beau’ or beautiful in French because we felt the need to distinguish these roses apart from the other silk roses since they are a cut above the ordinary beautiful! --thus earning them the title SPECIAL EDITION

These blooming roses will not only not fade and hold shape and color, but they are HIGH-QUALITY. Made from choice styrofoam, these flowers stay this gorgeous for many events to come. Get them while supplies last since Tres Beau will always be a desired thing for all people and events, and this type of silk flower is hard to restock once sold out. is stocking up on SPECIAL EDITION items that are truly 1st class

Additional Information:

- 6 roses per bush
- 72 roses total in all 12 bushes; Can be used single individual roses or in bunches
- Approx. 2" wide flower opening
- flower is made from high-quality styrofoam which enables it to keep its shape better
- Wire stem, can be used to wrap around boxes or twist onto things
- Approx. 10" stem