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13 x Trio of Glittering Twisters Chocolate
13 x Trio of Glittering Twisters Chocolate
Color: Chocolate
Material: Plastic

12 x Trio of Glittering Twisters - Chocolate

Item Number:
Price: $33.32
40% Off Price: $19.99

Twisters are a merry way to get your party planning team to put their unique mark in the décor by gluing various ribbon, favor decorations such as pearl flowers, butterflies and dragon flies together with stars, stickers and magazine cut-outs on the twisters.

When combined with assorted decors, you get a most unique 3-D scrapbook or mosaic celebratory piece ever.

Perfect for hanging personalized favors.

-Top to Bottom: approx. 12" total length
-three stems of looping shrinking glittered aluminum coils w/ same hued larger glitter sprinkled all over

A total of 12 bunches of 3 intertwined twisters making althogether 36 twisters

Note: item sale is limited to glitter product, other suggested decoration accessories not included. some glitter may come off upon touching, this is normal and is not a defect.