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Color: Royal Blue
Flower Type: Gardenias

120 Undying Silk Gardenias Flowers - Royal Blue

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Price: $28.86
40% Off Price: $17.32

120 Undying Gardenias Flowers

Fresh gardenias are prefect, their bright leaves and aroma just makes you want them as a centerpiece or background beauty for any event. BUT, once you take them in, they are difficult to keep alive. LUCKILY, we’ve solved the lifespan problem with our silk flower UNDYING GARDENIAS to give you these flowers anytime you want them and at no hassle; and of course, we offer them in your FAVORITE colors. No need to worry about cultivating, maintaining and purchasing Gardenias as unreasonable price. Our wholesale-affordable Undying Gardenias looks fresh for a very very long period of time to not only symbolize lasting love, but also lasting color in one’s life.

Additional Information:

-16" top to bottom height of bush
-flowers are open and buds with 2" wide for OPEN, 1" wide for buds. 2" height for each flower
-30 Gardenia flowers per bush. 4 bushes per pack

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More beautiful than I can ever have imagined! And top class service too!
Chantal (NC) 12/23/2015 11:06 AM
It took me ages to decide whether I wanted to have real or 'fake' flowers for my wedding and when I had decided that I didn't want real ones (because of waste and I wanted to keep my bouquet as a keepsake for ever!) I only had 3 weeks to go before the big day! Customer service was super efficient and very friendly assuring me that I'd get the bouquet in time. After going through all the wonderful designs I decided on a Undying Silk Gardenias Flowers - Royal Blue, with just 2 weeks to go. As promised I received the beautiful bouquet a couple of days before my wedding. It was just stunning. I'm so glad I used efavormart and highly recommend their silk flowers for any occasion. Thanks again Sabrina and all the team!
Great looking artificial Gardenias Flowers from a reliable brand
Petunia P (Detroit) 12/22/2015 2:45 PM
Who doesn’t like flowers. They are an excellent way to beautify your home’s interior. Now you have an option of getting fresh flowers daily or once every 2 days which is an expensive affair and another option is get some good quality artificial flowers which don’t need any maintenance. So I was happy to have received these efavormat Artificial Flowers to test and provide my honest feedback. I strongly suggest buying a good vase and put these in the vase and keep in center of your dining table or besides the TV. For obvious reasons, there is no smell in these flowers but still having them around in your home will make your day. Although we are using it as a daily centerpiece on the dining table, you can very well use these artificial flowers in various occasions like weddings or parties to beautify the atmosphere. These are no maintenance flowers and you don’t need to water them daily or provide fresh air or sunshine like real flowers to keep them fresh. Just put them in a vase and forget about them.