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Material: Acrylic

Universal Chandelier Stand w/ 2 Poles - Silver

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Price: $33.32
40% Off Price: $19.99
It's not always that you want to hang chandeliers up above. Sometimes, you want to just use them as lamps and in great quantities. Why? Either cause you want to show clients the different Chandeliers you've amassed or you simply have such an important person whom you can't help but pamper with lights, diamonds and THINK BIG imagination! is always finding ways for you to stay #1.

Additional Information:
Use: poles and stands are for universal use for chandeliers to transform them into luxurious standing floor lamps
Included in order: 2 Extension poles and one circular base stand
Pole length and quality: 2 Poles at Approx. 11" long each and 1" wide
Base diameter: Approx. 7"