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Yardage: 10
Width: 54 in
Color: Pink
Material: Polyester
Quality: Standard

Unveiling Shiny Fabric Cover Polyester Pink 54" x 10 Yards

Item Number:
Price: $58.32
40% Off Price: $34.99
Vistoso Fabric. Ballroom Rosette Fabric. Duchess Sequin Fabric, etc… Such fabric are designed so beautifully and carefully that they deserve to be hidden and protected prior to being presented. And once the lights are all on, with blooming flowers all arranged and the VIPs have arrived then you can take off this fabric to reveal true beauty.

Remember, beauty is even better when you build a hype and make people wonder what’s behind this fancy cover. And for that job, the Unveiling Fabric is most suitable. With a slightly see-thru quality and shininess to it, this fabric creates suspense because people can’t wait to see the marvelous design underneath. So add that extra layer of suspense by hiding your main attraction under the Unveiling Shiny Fabric!

Additional Information:
Use: Fabric Protection, Styling
Material: Shiny Polyester

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