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Yardage: 10
Width: 54 in
Color: Yellow
Material: Polyester
Quality: Standard

Glossy Party Decorative Polyester Fabric Bolt By Yard - Yellow - 54" x 10 Yards

Use: Fabric Protection, Styling
Material: Shiny Polyester
Dimensions: 54" x 10 yards
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Price: $58.32
40% Off Price: $30.99
2 to 5$27.89
6 to 10$26.34
11 to 20$24.79
21 to 99999$18.59
One feels more attracted towards something that has an enticing mystery about itself. Something that appears hidden or veiled to the world while reflecting some of its enigmatic enchantment from behind the covering. This intriguing lure for such veiled beauty makes it even more tantalizing and charming. For those exquisite accessories that need to be divulged only at the perfect moment, this splendid fabric has been crafted by expert designers keeping the attribute of covering, inviting, and displaying only little of the charm in mind. Vistos, Ballroom Rosette, Duchess Sequin, and other extravagant fabrics deserve to be covered and protected prior to being exhibited to the whole world to gasp and gape at their charisma. Once the moment comes, with limelight on, flowers arranged and luminaries arrived, then take this fabric off to reveal the mesmeric beauty of your core decoration. This iridescent polyester fabric has a lovely see-through quality that is so eye-catching. Feel free to use this fabric for decoration or swathing as well. Drape tables, walls, ceilings, or make the chair sashes in hue that compliments your events dcor, the possibilities of embellishing with this fabric are endless!

Additional information:
Use: Fabric Protection, Styling
Material: Shiny Polyester