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Tiffany VS Swarovski Round Table Decor Contest

Grand prize: 1 x Designer Tiffany’s Jewelry OR 3 x Swarovski Crystal Sets

Diamonds or Crystals? Which do you prefer?
ROUND II: The All-time favorite Décor Contest is back! GRAND PRIZE will be your choice of Tiffany’s or your choice of 3 sets Swarovski Crystals!

Contest requires participants to put together Round Tables into fabulous styles using our company products. PLEASE MAKE YOUR WORK SHOWCASE YOUR UNIQUE PERSONALITY…be it colorful or sophisticated or grandeur or stylish or hommey.

****If you’re really dead serious about reaching the finals, then YOU MUST go the extra mile with your Round Tables; simple, regular designs won’t cut it. HINT:  “THE MORE DISTINCT” DECORS USED FROM OUR STORE and the more impressive the unique design looks, the better your chances of reaching the Finals. BUT of course, if the center of attention is another company’s products, then that will work against your chances!!

PLEASE ‘Like’ our Facebook Fan Page to see how the contest is progressing the keep tabs on what is going on in our colorful community.

Participants are allowed to submit as many photos as they want till cut-off date. Top 10 selections will chosen by us; Top 10 finalist selection decision made by us will be final. NOTE: once submitted, all photos become property of Ya Ya Creations.

***ALL Watermarked photos will be disqualified automatically.***

It is up to the Facebook administrator to decide WHETHER OR NOT to upload/add submitted photos to the Facebook album; the sheer volume of participant photos will make the over upload of contest photos seem like SPAM if we otherwise didn’t do this.

***Absolutely NO editing of photos allowed. Photo collages not allowed also.***
Final contest winner will get to choose their Tiffany’s Jewelry or their 3 sets Swarovski Jewelry. In addition, we have also prepared a $50 gift card for 1st runner up; a $25 gift card for 2nd runner up. Please provide a VALID EMAIL in case you are selected for the finals.

*If you are an event planner and would like us to post your contact information with your photo then please include that in your email!

**Lastly, ANY suspicion of cheating or poor conduct during contest leads to immediate disqualifications and banning from our Facebook Page. No questions asked.


Grand Prize: 1 Tiffany Jewelry (jewelry styles shown on this wall may be subject to change depending on availability) or 3 Swarovski Sets (Crystal styles shown on this wall and may be subject to change depending on availability) or a $350 Amazon Gift Credit for participants not residing in 48 States Continental USA. Please note: International grand prize winners (residents of USA not within the 48 Continental states are placed within this category) will be straight to Amazon Gift Card. The USA winner (residing within the continental 48 USA states) of the GRAND PRIZE will have their prize shipped directly to them upon contest completion

*SUBMISSIONS END on August 25, 2014 at 11:59 PM PST. Please submit / send your pictures before the deadline to
*Contest is open to everyone who is at least 18 years of age, or between the ages of thirteen and eighteen with the permission of their parent or guardian to be eligible.
*Entrants release ya ya creations,,, Facebook, from all claims/liability arising from this Contests or acceptance/use of any Prize.
* All contents of entrants submissions, including but not limited to, content, text, images, graphics, photographs, captions and descriptions, data, codes, programs, hereinafter referred to as (“Submission” or “Submissions”), must be completely original to entrant and must not have been taken or composed, or they will be disqualified.
* All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply. Ya Ya Creations reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify or suspend this contest or any portion hereof, or to disqualify any individual implicated

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