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Flower Type: Greenery

VIVACIOUS English Ivy 10 Bushes/pk

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Price: $46.19
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Full of spirit and animated. Showcasing a tenacity for life. Sometimes a little too much with regards to the real life English Ivy. The English Ivy is an ornament plant well loved by over 70 species of nectar insects, 16 species of bird and is even a favorite of deers. Not to mention it grows very fast. Yet, this misunderstood beauty is treated as a pest because it is so gifted. Therefore, to take away all the downsides, we’ve made a lovely artificial version of this FULL OF LIFE Ivy so you can use them as needed for stages, pillars, arches and various uses without worry of pests or headaches. Let it continue to symbolize STRONG PASSION and CONTAGIOUS ENERGY in whatever event you have planned.

Additional Information:
Quantity: One order is for 10 Bushes
Stems: Each Bush has 7 stems
Leaf: Each leaf is Approx. 1" - 4.25" width ; each stem has about 8 leafs (each order should have more or less 560 leafs)